Director’s Statement

‘Gringo Wedding’ is a romantic comedy set in contemporary times but made in the tradition of ‘feel good’ comedies from the ‘50s or ‘6os featuring such household names as Carey Grant, Myrna Loy, Catherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracey, and Shirley Temple among others.

I was lucky to have a team of producers who were of the same mind that we need to make a movie that puts a smile on the viewers’ faces when they leave the movie theater. Although I like all kind of genres of films I felt that in our present climate we have too much sadness, misery and frustrations. Sometimes I longed for my childhood for the ‘good old times’ when weekends were so special as my parents would take us to the cinema and my mother typically would pick for the family a drama or a romantic comedy. Hence when I explored the world of internet dating for my screenplay and saw how people are traveling across the globe to meet someone special, a romantic comedy started to build up in my mind. After months of research and traveling to Colombia, ‘Gringo Wedding’s screenplay was born. Also for the fact that my wife is from Colombia and I was raised in England, there is also, an inspiration from our own experience of cross culture romance.

Viewers will be pleasantly surprised to see our movie that blends a story of present times with the traditions and feel of nostalgic times. Although, the audiences everywhere have very well received the movie, selling out screenings at film festivals and major wins at some fests, unfortunately some critics failed to see the premises of the film and wondered why a man living in Miami, that has heavy Latin population would travel to Colombia to meet a Latin girl. Well the answer is quite simple: for the same reasons a man living in Miami, or Seattle or New York dates with a woman living in another city, hundreds or even thousands of miles away because he is intrigued by that particular woman. During my travels to Colombia I met several Latin men living in Southern California or Texas flying to Colombia and beyond to meet Latin women whose pictures they had seen on the internet and exchanged a few e-mails. Dating has little to do with where you live and with whom you are surrounded by, but more to do with whom you fall in love with.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful team of producers consisting of Albert Miniaci, Ruchel Louis, Pieter Coetzee, Maria Elpidia Pinzon, Phillip Morgaman and Paul Lazarus who supported my vision and my actors, crew, and especially the DP, Chuchi Rivero, who captured that vision.

Tas Salini